About us

GABAG.Co pronounced Gab Bag

A LUXE Collection of Feel Good Accessories created by longtime friends Glen Arthur and  Pamela Martin Duarte

GABAG accessory collections are hand crafted from luxurious butter soft leathers and skins where each piece is a great balance of color and design. We work with high quality skins and beautiful dyes to create unique pieces each season reflecting on luxurious classic fashion with simple easy structures. 

Designer Glen Arthur worked many years in the fashion industry and also as a makeup artist where he is no stranger to style. Glen produced a snappy leather clothing line for Chester that had a long run in top fashion houses, boutiques and department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf’s, Betty Reiter, Tootsies, Julian Gold and Halls Kansas City to name a few.

Business partner Pamela Martin Duarte brings her  business savvy to the mix where she specializes in design, trends, global marketing and business relations.  Mrs. Martin-Duarte is Chairwoman Emerita for the Luxury Marketing Council in Texas.  GABAG.Co are headquartered in Dallas,Texas.

GABAG.Co are national members of Fashion Group International, where they philanthropically participate in mentoring emerging artists and designers. Our bags are eco friendly where we obtain skins from villagers in Cangu a village in the Balanise islands. Villagers share skins with us after they have utilized every portion as food and fish feed. Nothing goes to waste. We are proud to support this effort by being eco conscious and friendly when making our products.

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